Peek a boo.. Part 2

Hey Hey guys hope you are well, and hope you week has been great (; you know you can always text me to hear you out and help you if you need anything or if your feeling a bit down. IM here for ya x

So guys, on my last post i mentioned that me and my friend are living together now after a struggle to find a place when we came back we are officially albe to say we have a house for a year now . You are wondering why i’m telling you this story?! and that’s a great question. I’m telling you this story to make you understand and see through your friends, familys eyes that there are times when some people you love suffer and you may not see it until they say something, that’s not only the deal tho. There are times when we don’t realized beceause we are too selfish to even think about others. Lets be honest we all have our lil devil egos inside of us.

However tho, im not here to be a heroe and show off but here to share this story to tell you that my friend was not well and she wasnt happy with her current living situation, and that’s why i acted cause there were times i’ve seen or heard siuations likes this that i wasnt able to do anything and help and also that people do get depress with a lot of different situations that’s why we need to ACT!

WE PEOPLE have a bad habbit of asking the same question everyday if someone is doing fine but not seeing the real truth that they are not. So what im trying to say guys is that life is too short to not see if your loved ones aren’t doing fine. If you can help them and if they need a medical help make sure you try and reach to them don’t let anyone fall down like this. Also, you don’t know how to help go online search for mentall ilness numbers and ask them they will definetly help you.

All i want to say is that i’m not like anyone to insipired other people i’m just trying to reach out to people and understand that is a lot of serious situations that will end up bad if you dont act fast. That is all my lovely ones i hope to see you soon and keep it up . x

loads of love


Long time no see.. Peek a boo

Hello guys, it has been quite few months last time saw you guys it was when i was talking about customer service and how customers don’t appreciate our kindest.

Anywho, Just wanted to let you know guys im good and tell you my new , before i stopped writting through the summer i did write a post i just never posted it because i got busy and i’ll tell you now what happen 🙂

So long story short, i decided to leave work on June i gave my notice and left, while i gave my notice i did get another job that was opening after i was going back home for holidays which it was great had a bit of holidays and then baack at it again. I went home with the note that i was going to see my friends reunite with few people that i havent seen for a while for example one of my long time friends from school that she came back from her country after so long. With few words she couldnt come and see us or say no to come out until late etc. So i got a bit curious as in something was wrong, i made a call to her and i’ve asked her are you okay?! What’s happening you have never been like this you always said yes to mostly everything when we used to go out. (A small detailet i left out she was in a relationship with this ”Lawyer” that was supposed to be a good guy) Anyway after a long talk she finally said that he doesnt have the right to do a lot of things because the guy wanted her all the time there!

That’s where it hit me, i didn’t want my friend to suffer so i took her out of there. Said to her pack your things you coming with me so we ended up living together back in uk (: 4months passed we are living together in a studio after a good struggle to find a place to live in.

Anyway there rest of it will be on my next post gyys ❤ I dont want to drag and talk all the time check me out on my instagrama Psychothinker08 <3.

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Customer service and customers

Heyhey guys, how was ur weekend i hope it was good xx anything fun you guys did ?!

Cause I did not for sure, the only fun part I’ve done on my weekend was on Saturday afternoon while i was serving salads as per usual , busy Saturday coming and going everywhere in the shop. There was this customer that was looking through the alley which its a fire exit door but someone left it open so this guy was looking outside, basically customers are not allowed to even pass out that door apart when and if there’s a fire. Anyways, long story short i go there and say “hey sir sorry but you aren’t allowed to go through here” (close the door slowly yeah),and he goes “oh am i allowed to go to the toilet” (sarcastic) and i didn’t realize it for few seconds and i was like oh yeah the door is lock but you can still go. Few mins after he finishes he comes by the kitchen and says oh i was gonna have dinner here but I’ll business else where and i was so distracted that i didn’t give a shit. Anyhow, i told my manager and she agreed with me gladly cause in the end of the day of there are some rules in a place that you visit either for food or drinks you should know you should been ignoring them. We supposed to say the customer is always right but not in all cases if you are rude to the employee cause it said to you you aren’t allowed to go or whatever just apologize n leave. I cannot explain how rude customers we get either because they are drunk or because they have issues. What do i mean by issues is about rudeness and not understanding when somebody is just nice to you. Gladly it did not give me a bad mood all day it was just a moment and it passed.

All I’m trying to say is just dont take for granted that just because we get paid to give the customer service doesn’t mean we arent nice people and actually make the difference in customer services.

Sincerely your,

Customer services!!!!(you know who i mean)

I hope you guys enjoy your week and if you feel like Talking just dm on Instagram @psychothinker081 ,  Here to listen not to judge!

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Money !!!

HEy hey there guys, weekend is here and i’m guessing most of you have a lot of plans cause of the bank holiday but some of you might now just because either you are working or just been busy with exams as well.

At the same time some people aren’t doing anything just because they are either trying to save money or they just dont want to spend money cause they wont be able to pay their bills, right?! (u know i’m right cause i know how it is)

I have been in quite few jobs the last couple years which i have actually started from 15 years old to work from hospitality, retail to secretary. And we all know everyone is trying their best to get that extra cash because work either doesn’t give them minimum wage or its just not a good job that gives enought money. Even if you are trying hard to save money sometimes bills fuck you up, and i know from experience i have been living out of my coutnry for quite long time and money was always an issue in my life.

So , i’m not saying don’t go find work, obviously you gotta find work and get that money that specific wage but if you think that’s not enought just because you are part time for some reasons or you cant work for a lot of times or your work does not give you that amount of money that you want or even if you get weekly like me that you cant save enough money few are the options to get that extra cash.

If you search online it would say go sell your clothes which that does not work AT ALL. For example it would say from invest your money to sell your photos which obviously is not bad, or it would tell you to try and save some money on the side obsiously that’s not possible for some of us that we can’t save money HEHEHEH sad days for us.

Anyway i found this side that i can give my clothes per kilo 50p which is not bad but that means if you are one of them people that have clothes from like 5 years ago and save them casue you feel attach on them that means you got up to more then 40kilos of clothes like me, obvsiouly that’s not enought money but is a start if you are in a really really big rush to get that esxtra cash, or you can go to focus groups that type of researchs that you just have to answer some questions and say your opinion about the product or whatever they ask you or give you and get paid from like 100 pounds or more which is nice.

Of course i know that’s not a big profit but i just felt like i needed to let you know guys because i feel i’m in that situation most of the times that i need that money and i don’t want to keep asking my family or friends to give me money i’m not that desperade to ask them all the time but they have been times that i felt i couldnt do anything even when i saved and it was shit so i’m just giving you some help to actually try and get money. YES if you search online it would help a little bit but most of them are stupid ideas i couldnt do any of them.

Unfortunatelly, LIFE belongs to money, what do i mean?! means if you want to survive in this ”society” you have to have money doesn’t mean you need to be rich of course just enough money to actually make something out of it or be able to achieve your dreams.

And that’s a wrap guys, i hope you have a LOVELY bank HOLIDAY WEEKEND , and if you feel like talking for anything even if its not related to my post i’m here to talk.

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FILE PHOTO: Wads of British Pound Sterling banknotes are stacked in piles at the Money Service Austria company’s headquarters in Vienna, Austria, November 16, 2017. REUTERS/Leonhard Foeger/File Photo


Hey hey there guys, how’s everyone’s week been? Hope you checked my last blog i was talking about revision and how hard it is to actually study for exams. But what is even harder is to actually get a new job, i mean is not hard to apply for it if you want to do it but what’s hard is to get it.

What do i mean with that is that, for a person like me that only finished High school and done half way uni with no other diplomas just experience of work is a bit hard sometimes to be respected and actually get the job. The thing is i’m good with typing fast , computers IT in general i know what i’m doing also i know how to cook and do coffees which that’s one of the reasons i’m in hospitality anyway.

But when it comes to apply to a new job i don’t have enough experience for the employers to actually get me to the job.

Even tho they say they will train you and show you everything that is needed which usually what they do is just show you the basics and then pray about the rest of it and just learn while you go which not always is bad but on a busy enviroment or a crisis situation you won’t be able to do anything if you aren’t sure what you are supposed to do.

Anyway, i’m trying to find a new job basically cause i cant live with the money i’m getting there, most of them that actually work in my job are people that already get more money then me or most of them live with their parents which that means you don’t have to spend more money on bills and shit. But with me i get a bit more then minimun wage not much tho and i almost can survive with the money i get i am spender but at the same time i try to save some but it is impossible. So i’m trying to find a new job with monthly paymemt and try to get enough money to save but the problem is what i was saying that i don’t have enough experience i mean i believe i can achieve anything i want to but i don’t get the chance from a job.

I always apply almos everyday to more jobs then i should like 45+ its crazy how many jobs i find even similar to experiences i have or jobs that i have knowledge about computing and office work but nothing comes up.

The struggle of 23 year old women that wants to save money and start travelling is difficitult, i’m not a fancy person that wants everything even tho i got what a needed and bit more when i was younger now all i need is just a job that pays enough money to help me save and do my dream and goal come true.

Obviously i’m not saying give up , if you are in similar situation like me don’t give up, do try to get that job that you want especially if you have more experiences or diplomas then me. Try your hardest to achieve what other’s don’t believe.

But also if you guys know any places for me to work in Cardiff give me a message, I’m looking for hospitality or office job as receptionist or Secretary. Also don’t forget to follow me on insta :

I know this one was a bit fast and short but i have been strugglin a lot to find a job and that’s why i’m not always posting as i wanted too. Is hard already to struggle with bills and stressfull even tho i do not show it i’m happy and healthy that’s all that matters (:

loads of love.

peace. <3.

lost in your own bubble..

Heyhey there guys,

how’s everyones week been? Hope you guys enjoyed your week, i know some of you still have exams on so GOODLUCK to you guys i hope you manage to write well on your exams. Break a leg!! 

Soo, what i wanted to talk about today is about how everyone has their on plans of how to get successfull or their goals they want to achieve, for example when you finish uni and you know whats your next move or you getting a promotion from a work and you know what to do next or even for a house that your buying anything that count as your next move and you know what you are doing.

Welll……. there are people that even they feel comfortable in their own bubble sometimes they get lost and confused of the road they follow and that one for example is ME ^_^ . All my life i was sure after i finished high school my first choise it was to become and accountad but then i’ve chagned to computer science. Don’t get me wrong both of them were great choises for money wise at least but i didn’t actually felt like i wanted to do it that’s why i dropped out of uni. Thats when i realized HOSPITALLY is the thing that i like, i like to serve and make people happy, be able to present my work with that. And that’s how i started a course to become a chef but in the end i paused it because of money i couldn’t pay my rent and i had to work full time to get the money.

Until that point i had a plan that i will be working at least somewhere good and be able to do what i like, that kinda dropped out of my plans as well. My biggest plan and goal i want to achieve is to manage to open my own bussines of course selling coffee as any other coffee shop but to actually be able to make it so relaxing soo comfortable for the customer that they can spend hours there rather then the typical coffee shop that you will go and sit for 1 or 2 hrs and then go.

however, my other plan is with the job i am currently in i want to  go a level up and i have proven to them that i am able to do everything especially on tought times but they don’t want me to be on their level i guess.

Anyway, i don’t have any hopes for that anymore and that’s where i feel i’m lost in my own bubble because i have no other plans , no other hopes for that and i’m confused of the road i’m taking i’m confindet enought to say that i’m not scared of what’s coming next but at the same time i feel like i don’t have anything planned anymore apart from travelling and that needs money.

Life sometimes is hard when you want to achieve your goal and you can’t because everything involves money basically ofcourse if you have people to help you that’s amazing which i’m blessed that i have my family to help me when i need them but i don’t want to be in that position anymore that i still ask from my family money to survive and still not achieving the goal i want.

But although all of this for me is confusing i will still try to figure out how i want things to work out but what i wanted to say basically is that even if you feel a bit confused or lost in your own bubble is that you still have to have high hopes and you will be able to figure out by yourself cause there’s nothing better to actually make your own decision and believe that you can achieve any goal you put up with your mind.


loads of love



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Revision is hard..

Hello hello,

It has been a really chill week to be fair , i havent had a week of from work for such a long time, (lies i did had on february but that was different) basically i never had a week of that i would do something half of the days and chill the rest of the days.

Which for me usually when i get a day off is more likely that i will have a full day of doing things and chill at night but i missed the fact i can wake up at 12pm take my time to eat have coffee and then start my day you know.

Anyway, I know this month is usually the examination month for most students, I myself used to be a student which i was studying computer science but drop out cause i didnt like much my course , i loved the math modules but not everything else how crazy is that.

However, is most likely to be hard for most people that are trying to focus on their studies to be able to write well on their exams. I personally was able to study with music because it was easy to make me focus, obviously not everyone is able to do that cause it depends on what you study and how well you get focus. Unfortunately i know people that aren’t able to focus on their studies based on their home environments and it sucks cause they aren’t able to do anything about it basically. What i suggested it was to listen to waves sounds that will calm them or make some exercises with breathing so they can focus and study.

First of all is the environment that counts you have to make sure you are comfortable on where you are studying , some people find it easy to study in a quite and chill coffee shop, or in their houses , library , study rooms in uni it depends or where you are most comfortable. The next step is to make sure you definitely collect all of the notes that you need and that’s when you get started to study.

Although study gets tiring that’s where you can plan you breaks based on putting alarms for it for example study for 1 and half hour and after that put a 15 minute break for you and go like this obviously you could start with 45 mins of studying and go up and up. Make sure you have all the good snacks and i’m not talking about trash ones , yes you can have chocolate or something sweet but you need more of healthy sandwhiches or fruits and crackers.

Always make sure that you keep yourself motivated DONT panic, make sure you start from the easiest part of your study and go with the flow after that. IF you dont need to use a computer don’t put yourself out of social for a bit till you manage to study. obviously if you have to just log out from everything till you make sure you studies enough.

Revise for exams is always hard but to be fair if you rotate your study well is not going to be difficult yes ofcourse there are parts of studying that will be difficult but that’s where you have to be more motivated and more strong to be able to study.

I know i’m no expert about that but at least i know when i was studying (Even tho i dropped out that is totally different) i was determent to study on a programm to be able to write well and i was always studying with music and i believe if you put on youtube THE XX – THE INTRO that is nice to chill or this will be nice to listen all you have to do is deffo make sure that you black out of everyone and everything that will distract you. FOCUS ON YOU, FOCUS ON YOUR STUDY make sure that its just only you in the room if you are in a public place .

loads of love


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Holidays Abroad.

hey there guys,

how’s everyone been? you haven’t heard from me for a while now and its because work has been a bit of an off situation and i have been a bit lazy as well. Also i this week was my birthday and i will be celebrating it on a night out with my friends but i did actually spend it first with my partner abroad.

Which obviously that is what i will be talking about, going away abroad you always have to be prepared about everything. What do i mean about that is, make sure first of all that you check the weather so based on the weather you take all the things you need. After that based on the weather you see what you can do or see to the place that you are going to stay, and last make a program to make sure you do all the good stuff there.

So, the place we been is Malta a beautiful island located in the Mediterranean sea near south of Sicily(Italy) which that’s where most people think that Malta is part of Italy but good or bad it’s not. I do like the fact that is not part of italy. Although one the percent of Malta speaks Italian their basic languages are Maltese and English. I have met quite a lot of them that speak italian.

Even tho Malta is such a beautiful place and is know for the three islands Malta as the biggest one, Gozo and Comino which they are amazing places to visit especially on Summer time because of the weather. I found a lot of people that were rude and mostly the bus drivers.

Me as a tourist that respects the country and did the research before i went to malta to know where i need to go and what i need to do. I was really disappointed with them, and what do i mean about that is the first night that we arrived there we got the bus to see the beautiful Capital of Malta , Valletta. So basically we spended the whole day there as we arrived around 2 so we ended up seen a lot of Valletta until 8 after that we had to get the bus to go to Mehelia a place where it should be mostly busy on summer time not now. Anyway based on google maps and the buses we got the right bus but obviously before we got in we asked the driver if he does go to mehelia to make sure that we were on the right bus he said yes. Anyway , we were so tired but i was still looking at the map to make sure we are on the right track you know. 40 mins pass and i see on the map the bus going the wrong way , mostly people seemed confused as we were as well, so i wasnt sure what to do but we ended up asking the guy what’s happening and he said they dont go that way anymore because is closed, although google maps did not know cause that’s not their fault the bus driver should of actually mention it to us since we arent from there and we don’t know the place that well.

GLADLY we ended up been close to the hotel but what if we werent? anyway what i want to say is that he should of mention to say you know the route is not the same on the maps and that’s fine at least we could of known. Anyway next day comes gladly we didnt go somewhere that far but we were going to St. Pauls which is was 30 mins away from us , we went to ask a bus driver again for dircetions we didnt manage to finish our sentence and he replies fast i dont know. OH WELL!!!!

LAST day comes, we had to get the bus the next day early in the morning to go to the airport so we ask the bus drivers of what time you guys start your routes in the morning cause we need to get a bus to the airport and also is this the bus stop we need to get it from ( as i mention above the roads were closed where our hotel was so we had to go elsewhere to get it) and we ask as well does it start from 5 am or something?! THe guys says at the start i dont know and the he says yes it start at 5! HAHAHHAH MAN THEY ARE FUNNY!

I go online to the buses to check times OF COURSE they didn’t start from 5am what if we went with his word?! we werent going to make it to the airport for sure!

What i don’t understand is that SUCH A BEAUTIFUL PLACE having the best food, sightseers, culture and history and people be so harse on you, i totally understand if you are tired from work and stuff but at the same time as i am a tourist in your country i would much appreciate it if you be kind enough to give me some directions of what i’m asking you for. And fair enought if i didn’t know where i was going but i did my research and i knew stuff already.

Anyhow is still a beautiful place to visit and i believe they will be more KIND on summer time because they will be more and more tourist there to ask for directions or anything else. GIVE it a go, is nice to visit gozo and comino there a lot of tours you can check online.

SO here’s the end of my post, i hope you guys enjoyed even tho i have been moaning about the people there but basically is not always the people that make a bad holiday. Tell me your stories about been abroad? hope you had better experiences then me. Love to hear from you guys xx

loads of love.



Hey guys first of all i would like to say i’m sorry i havent been posting as much again, when you work in hospitality as much as you want to have free time when you are full time, its impossible (: But that wont stop me writing i just wanted to say that i will be posting from 2 post a week to 1 post so i have time for it at least, i actually like this is like an open diary and i like to have opinions from other people, listening or just talking.

Anyhow, Soulmate ey?! Do you believe in soulmates or is just a thing that people just say?! Well i do to be honest , i always believed theres a 1 to 2 people that would actually be your soulmate even from friendship to relationship. And Soulmate does not always mean you have to be exactly the same, it could be even be a little bit more different in terms of character.

My soulmate is my partner which i never thought i would find. You know how people pass through relationships to relationships , i actually didn’t had that many just because i never thought i have that click with that person but is not only about that, is about knowing that you actually feel the aura from that person that gives you more positive vibes instead of bad. Yes there will be sad or angry moments but that’s part of life anyway. The whole point is that you actually can tell that you found the right person to go through this road that we call life. .

And what do i mean with that is getting each other when falling down and not feeling the pain as much as you would before having them. I know as we all know that soulmates are the people that actually inspire us to become BETTER people , it’s like becoming a little bit blind in life but it does have the benefit of giving you and giving them a purpose of enjoying every moment until the end. I don’t know what else can i say about this, how i am feeling about this right now is full of joy knowing that i feel that aura of having the right person in my life.

What is your thought about this i didn’t really search much about soulmates like to find a different definition or if there’s a different myth or whatever but i would like to hear from you guys , do you believe in soulmates? How do you recognize it?

loads of love



Hey guys,

How’s everyones week been? Did everyone celebrate the women power?! I know us we women we usually moan mostly about everything but i do believe and i see it everyday we do more then what a man does , and i’m not saying to lower the man power tho. WE as humans in general should be equally good and help each other gain a level of success, not only that but to stop feeling hate or fear from either sex.

Anyhow, today i would like to talk about how people can be rude to the either homeless people or even the ”gypsies” that are trying to sell anything to you to survive. So here what bothers me, i heard the government does help a bit with the homeless not as much of course but at the same time i heard situations that they just don’t actually do anything and leave them with out anything to ”suffer” the consciousness of staying in the street become more addicted in their bad habbits and not be able to live a good and actually reasonable life.

For example i was just chillin right now at the coffee shop while drinking my coffee i saw outside this gypsi woman trying to sell to people fake flowers, of course is not the most practical way for anyone those roses but at the same time if she sells it a pound its not bad to just actually give her the money and not take it, i’m not saying i always buy but at least i’m kind enough if i dont have money to smile and say no thank you my love, its not hard to be human being and just be kind to each other you know.

But what i saw today made me feel so down about it, the lady was trying to sell the flowers so one couple did actually buy so after that she was walking to ask other people, there was this group of guys just standing kinda in a circle and talking and the lady approach them and ask them if they want flowers (and to say here the woman saw one of the guys broke his leg and she was asking what happen to him) anyway, as that happen the guys were just trying to ignore her without looking and talking in their language and just laughing i felt that i was rude when that was happening how can you just be like this. The lady was just trying to make money for her bread to be able to eat, at least just be kind and say no thankyou its not going to hurt you.

And that’s what makes me crazy about humans in general if you do not have money to give or whatever just give a smile back. I do believe we can achieve happiness with just be kind to each other as long as we give a smile to another it makes the other persons day a little bit better.

Homeless people no matter how bad or good they actually fucked up a little bit their life and money they are still human beings and still want to live a good life.