Peek a boo.. Part 2

Hey Hey guys hope you are well, and hope you week has been great (; you know you can always text me to hear you out and help you if you need anything or if your feeling a bit down. IM here for ya x

So guys, on my last post i mentioned that me and my friend are living together now after a struggle to find a place when we came back we are officially albe to say we have a house for a year now . You are wondering why i’m telling you this story?! and that’s a great question. I’m telling you this story to make you understand and see through your friends, familys eyes that there are times when some people you love suffer and you may not see it until they say something, that’s not only the deal tho. There are times when we don’t realized beceause we are too selfish to even think about others. Lets be honest we all have our lil devil egos inside of us.

However tho, im not here to be a heroe and show off but here to share this story to tell you that my friend was not well and she wasnt happy with her current living situation, and that’s why i acted cause there were times i’ve seen or heard siuations likes this that i wasnt able to do anything and help and also that people do get depress with a lot of different situations that’s why we need to ACT!

WE PEOPLE have a bad habbit of asking the same question everyday if someone is doing fine but not seeing the real truth that they are not. So what im trying to say guys is that life is too short to not see if your loved ones aren’t doing fine. If you can help them and if they need a medical help make sure you try and reach to them don’t let anyone fall down like this. Also, you don’t know how to help go online search for mentall ilness numbers and ask them they will definetly help you.

All i want to say is that i’m not like anyone to insipired other people i’m just trying to reach out to people and understand that is a lot of serious situations that will end up bad if you dont act fast. That is all my lovely ones i hope to see you soon and keep it up . x

loads of love


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