Long time no see.. Peek a boo

Hello guys, it has been quite few months last time saw you guys it was when i was talking about customer service and how customers don’t appreciate our kindest.

Anywho, Just wanted to let you know guys im good and tell you my new , before i stopped writting through the summer i did write a post i just never posted it because i got busy and i’ll tell you now what happen 🙂

So long story short, i decided to leave work on June i gave my notice and left, while i gave my notice i did get another job that was opening after i was going back home for holidays which it was great had a bit of holidays and then baack at it again. I went home with the note that i was going to see my friends reunite with few people that i havent seen for a while for example one of my long time friends from school that she came back from her country after so long. With few words she couldnt come and see us or say no to come out until late etc. So i got a bit curious as in something was wrong, i made a call to her and i’ve asked her are you okay?! What’s happening you have never been like this you always said yes to mostly everything when we used to go out. (A small detailet i left out she was in a relationship with this ”Lawyer” that was supposed to be a good guy) Anyway after a long talk she finally said that he doesnt have the right to do a lot of things because the guy wanted her all the time there!

That’s where it hit me, i didn’t want my friend to suffer so i took her out of there. Said to her pack your things you coming with me so we ended up living together back in uk (: 4months passed we are living together in a studio after a good struggle to find a place to live in.

Anyway there rest of it will be on my next post gyys ❤ I dont want to drag and talk all the time check me out on my instagrama Psychothinker08 <3.

loads of love


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