Customer service and customers

Heyhey guys, how was ur weekend i hope it was good xx anything fun you guys did ?!

Cause I did not for sure, the only fun part I’ve done on my weekend was on Saturday afternoon while i was serving salads as per usual , busy Saturday coming and going everywhere in the shop. There was this customer that was looking through the alley which its a fire exit door but someone left it open so this guy was looking outside, basically customers are not allowed to even pass out that door apart when and if there’s a fire. Anyways, long story short i go there and say “hey sir sorry but you aren’t allowed to go through here” (close the door slowly yeah),and he goes “oh am i allowed to go to the toilet” (sarcastic) and i didn’t realize it for few seconds and i was like oh yeah the door is lock but you can still go. Few mins after he finishes he comes by the kitchen and says oh i was gonna have dinner here but I’ll business else where and i was so distracted that i didn’t give a shit. Anyhow, i told my manager and she agreed with me gladly cause in the end of the day of there are some rules in a place that you visit either for food or drinks you should know you should been ignoring them. We supposed to say the customer is always right but not in all cases if you are rude to the employee cause it said to you you aren’t allowed to go or whatever just apologize n leave. I cannot explain how rude customers we get either because they are drunk or because they have issues. What do i mean by issues is about rudeness and not understanding when somebody is just nice to you. Gladly it did not give me a bad mood all day it was just a moment and it passed.

All I’m trying to say is just dont take for granted that just because we get paid to give the customer service doesn’t mean we arent nice people and actually make the difference in customer services.

Sincerely your,

Customer services!!!!(you know who i mean)

I hope you guys enjoy your week and if you feel like Talking just dm on Instagram @psychothinker081 ,  Here to listen not to judge!

Loads of love


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