Money !!!

HEy hey there guys, weekend is here and i’m guessing most of you have a lot of plans cause of the bank holiday but some of you might now just because either you are working or just been busy with exams as well.

At the same time some people aren’t doing anything just because they are either trying to save money or they just dont want to spend money cause they wont be able to pay their bills, right?! (u know i’m right cause i know how it is)

I have been in quite few jobs the last couple years which i have actually started from 15 years old to work from hospitality, retail to secretary. And we all know everyone is trying their best to get that extra cash because work either doesn’t give them minimum wage or its just not a good job that gives enought money. Even if you are trying hard to save money sometimes bills fuck you up, and i know from experience i have been living out of my coutnry for quite long time and money was always an issue in my life.

So , i’m not saying don’t go find work, obviously you gotta find work and get that money that specific wage but if you think that’s not enought just because you are part time for some reasons or you cant work for a lot of times or your work does not give you that amount of money that you want or even if you get weekly like me that you cant save enough money few are the options to get that extra cash.

If you search online it would say go sell your clothes which that does not work AT ALL. For example it would say from invest your money to sell your photos which obviously is not bad, or it would tell you to try and save some money on the side obsiously that’s not possible for some of us that we can’t save money HEHEHEH sad days for us.

Anyway i found this side that i can give my clothes per kilo 50p which is not bad but that means if you are one of them people that have clothes from like 5 years ago and save them casue you feel attach on them that means you got up to more then 40kilos of clothes like me, obvsiouly that’s not enought money but is a start if you are in a really really big rush to get that esxtra cash, or you can go to focus groups that type of researchs that you just have to answer some questions and say your opinion about the product or whatever they ask you or give you and get paid from like 100 pounds or more which is nice.

Of course i know that’s not a big profit but i just felt like i needed to let you know guys because i feel i’m in that situation most of the times that i need that money and i don’t want to keep asking my family or friends to give me money i’m not that desperade to ask them all the time but they have been times that i felt i couldnt do anything even when i saved and it was shit so i’m just giving you some help to actually try and get money. YES if you search online it would help a little bit but most of them are stupid ideas i couldnt do any of them.

Unfortunatelly, LIFE belongs to money, what do i mean?! means if you want to survive in this ”society” you have to have money doesn’t mean you need to be rich of course just enough money to actually make something out of it or be able to achieve your dreams.

And that’s a wrap guys, i hope you have a LOVELY bank HOLIDAY WEEKEND , and if you feel like talking for anything even if its not related to my post i’m here to talk.

GO check my insta and if you want to talk you can dm me there :

loads of love


FILE PHOTO: Wads of British Pound Sterling banknotes are stacked in piles at the Money Service Austria company’s headquarters in Vienna, Austria, November 16, 2017. REUTERS/Leonhard Foeger/File Photo

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