Hey hey there guys, how’s everyone’s week been? Hope you checked my last blog i was talking about revision and how hard it is to actually study for exams. But what is even harder is to actually get a new job, i mean is not hard to apply for it if you want to do it but what’s hard is to get it.

What do i mean with that is that, for a person like me that only finished High school and done half way uni with no other diplomas just experience of work is a bit hard sometimes to be respected and actually get the job. The thing is i’m good with typing fast , computers IT in general i know what i’m doing also i know how to cook and do coffees which that’s one of the reasons i’m in hospitality anyway.

But when it comes to apply to a new job i don’t have enough experience for the employers to actually get me to the job.

Even tho they say they will train you and show you everything that is needed which usually what they do is just show you the basics and then pray about the rest of it and just learn while you go which not always is bad but on a busy enviroment or a crisis situation you won’t be able to do anything if you aren’t sure what you are supposed to do.

Anyway, i’m trying to find a new job basically cause i cant live with the money i’m getting there, most of them that actually work in my job are people that already get more money then me or most of them live with their parents which that means you don’t have to spend more money on bills and shit. But with me i get a bit more then minimun wage not much tho and i almost can survive with the money i get i am spender but at the same time i try to save some but it is impossible. So i’m trying to find a new job with monthly paymemt and try to get enough money to save but the problem is what i was saying that i don’t have enough experience i mean i believe i can achieve anything i want to but i don’t get the chance from a job.

I always apply almos everyday to more jobs then i should like 45+ its crazy how many jobs i find even similar to experiences i have or jobs that i have knowledge about computing and office work but nothing comes up.

The struggle of 23 year old women that wants to save money and start travelling is difficitult, i’m not a fancy person that wants everything even tho i got what a needed and bit more when i was younger now all i need is just a job that pays enough money to help me save and do my dream and goal come true.

Obviously i’m not saying give up , if you are in similar situation like me don’t give up, do try to get that job that you want especially if you have more experiences or diplomas then me. Try your hardest to achieve what other’s don’t believe.

But also if you guys know any places for me to work in Cardiff give me a message, I’m looking for hospitality or office job as receptionist or Secretary. Also don’t forget to follow me on insta :

I know this one was a bit fast and short but i have been strugglin a lot to find a job and that’s why i’m not always posting as i wanted too. Is hard already to struggle with bills and stressfull even tho i do not show it i’m happy and healthy that’s all that matters (:

loads of love.

peace. <3.

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