lost in your own bubble..

Heyhey there guys,

how’s everyones week been? Hope you guys enjoyed your week, i know some of you still have exams on so GOODLUCK to you guys i hope you manage to write well on your exams. Break a leg!! 

Soo, what i wanted to talk about today is about how everyone has their on plans of how to get successfull or their goals they want to achieve, for example when you finish uni and you know whats your next move or you getting a promotion from a work and you know what to do next or even for a house that your buying anything that count as your next move and you know what you are doing.

Welll……. there are people that even they feel comfortable in their own bubble sometimes they get lost and confused of the road they follow and that one for example is ME ^_^ . All my life i was sure after i finished high school my first choise it was to become and accountad but then i’ve chagned to computer science. Don’t get me wrong both of them were great choises for money wise at least but i didn’t actually felt like i wanted to do it that’s why i dropped out of uni. Thats when i realized HOSPITALLY is the thing that i like, i like to serve and make people happy, be able to present my work with that. And that’s how i started a course to become a chef but in the end i paused it because of money i couldn’t pay my rent and i had to work full time to get the money.

Until that point i had a plan that i will be working at least somewhere good and be able to do what i like, that kinda dropped out of my plans as well. My biggest plan and goal i want to achieve is to manage to open my own bussines of course selling coffee as any other coffee shop but to actually be able to make it so relaxing soo comfortable for the customer that they can spend hours there rather then the typical coffee shop that you will go and sit for 1 or 2 hrs and then go.

however, my other plan is with the job i am currently in i want to  go a level up and i have proven to them that i am able to do everything especially on tought times but they don’t want me to be on their level i guess.

Anyway, i don’t have any hopes for that anymore and that’s where i feel i’m lost in my own bubble because i have no other plans , no other hopes for that and i’m confused of the road i’m taking i’m confindet enought to say that i’m not scared of what’s coming next but at the same time i feel like i don’t have anything planned anymore apart from travelling and that needs money.

Life sometimes is hard when you want to achieve your goal and you can’t because everything involves money basically ofcourse if you have people to help you that’s amazing which i’m blessed that i have my family to help me when i need them but i don’t want to be in that position anymore that i still ask from my family money to survive and still not achieving the goal i want.

But although all of this for me is confusing i will still try to figure out how i want things to work out but what i wanted to say basically is that even if you feel a bit confused or lost in your own bubble is that you still have to have high hopes and you will be able to figure out by yourself cause there’s nothing better to actually make your own decision and believe that you can achieve any goal you put up with your mind.


loads of love



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