Revision is hard..

Hello hello,

It has been a really chill week to be fair , i havent had a week of from work for such a long time, (lies i did had on february but that was different) basically i never had a week of that i would do something half of the days and chill the rest of the days.

Which for me usually when i get a day off is more likely that i will have a full day of doing things and chill at night but i missed the fact i can wake up at 12pm take my time to eat have coffee and then start my day you know.

Anyway, I know this month is usually the examination month for most students, I myself used to be a student which i was studying computer science but drop out cause i didnt like much my course , i loved the math modules but not everything else how crazy is that.

However, is most likely to be hard for most people that are trying to focus on their studies to be able to write well on their exams. I personally was able to study with music because it was easy to make me focus, obviously not everyone is able to do that cause it depends on what you study and how well you get focus. Unfortunately i know people that aren’t able to focus on their studies based on their home environments and it sucks cause they aren’t able to do anything about it basically. What i suggested it was to listen to waves sounds that will calm them or make some exercises with breathing so they can focus and study.

First of all is the environment that counts you have to make sure you are comfortable on where you are studying , some people find it easy to study in a quite and chill coffee shop, or in their houses , library , study rooms in uni it depends or where you are most comfortable. The next step is to make sure you definitely collect all of the notes that you need and that’s when you get started to study.

Although study gets tiring that’s where you can plan you breaks based on putting alarms for it for example study for 1 and half hour and after that put a 15 minute break for you and go like this obviously you could start with 45 mins of studying and go up and up. Make sure you have all the good snacks and i’m not talking about trash ones , yes you can have chocolate or something sweet but you need more of healthy sandwhiches or fruits and crackers.

Always make sure that you keep yourself motivated DONT panic, make sure you start from the easiest part of your study and go with the flow after that. IF you dont need to use a computer don’t put yourself out of social for a bit till you manage to study. obviously if you have to just log out from everything till you make sure you studies enough.

Revise for exams is always hard but to be fair if you rotate your study well is not going to be difficult yes ofcourse there are parts of studying that will be difficult but that’s where you have to be more motivated and more strong to be able to study.

I know i’m no expert about that but at least i know when i was studying (Even tho i dropped out that is totally different) i was determent to study on a programm to be able to write well and i was always studying with music and i believe if you put on youtube THE XX – THE INTRO that is nice to chill or this will be nice to listen all you have to do is deffo make sure that you black out of everyone and everything that will distract you. FOCUS ON YOU, FOCUS ON YOUR STUDY make sure that its just only you in the room if you are in a public place .

loads of love


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