Holidays Abroad.

hey there guys,

how’s everyone been? you haven’t heard from me for a while now and its because work has been a bit of an off situation and i have been a bit lazy as well. Also i this week was my birthday and i will be celebrating it on a night out with my friends but i did actually spend it first with my partner abroad.

Which obviously that is what i will be talking about, going away abroad you always have to be prepared about everything. What do i mean about that is, make sure first of all that you check the weather so based on the weather you take all the things you need. After that based on the weather you see what you can do or see to the place that you are going to stay, and last make a program to make sure you do all the good stuff there.

So, the place we been is Malta a beautiful island located in the Mediterranean sea near south of Sicily(Italy) which that’s where most people think that Malta is part of Italy but good or bad it’s not. I do like the fact that is not part of italy. Although one the percent of Malta speaks Italian their basic languages are Maltese and English. I have met quite a lot of them that speak italian.

Even tho Malta is such a beautiful place and is know for the three islands Malta as the biggest one, Gozo and Comino which they are amazing places to visit especially on Summer time because of the weather. I found a lot of people that were rude and mostly the bus drivers.

Me as a tourist that respects the country and did the research before i went to malta to know where i need to go and what i need to do. I was really disappointed with them, and what do i mean about that is the first night that we arrived there we got the bus to see the beautiful Capital of Malta , Valletta. So basically we spended the whole day there as we arrived around 2 so we ended up seen a lot of Valletta until 8 after that we had to get the bus to go to Mehelia a place where it should be mostly busy on summer time not now. Anyway based on google maps and the buses we got the right bus but obviously before we got in we asked the driver if he does go to mehelia to make sure that we were on the right bus he said yes. Anyway , we were so tired but i was still looking at the map to make sure we are on the right track you know. 40 mins pass and i see on the map the bus going the wrong way , mostly people seemed confused as we were as well, so i wasnt sure what to do but we ended up asking the guy what’s happening and he said they dont go that way anymore because is closed, although google maps did not know cause that’s not their fault the bus driver should of actually mention it to us since we arent from there and we don’t know the place that well.

GLADLY we ended up been close to the hotel but what if we werent? anyway what i want to say is that he should of mention to say you know the route is not the same on the maps and that’s fine at least we could of known. Anyway next day comes gladly we didnt go somewhere that far but we were going to St. Pauls which is was 30 mins away from us , we went to ask a bus driver again for dircetions we didnt manage to finish our sentence and he replies fast i dont know. OH WELL!!!!

LAST day comes, we had to get the bus the next day early in the morning to go to the airport so we ask the bus drivers of what time you guys start your routes in the morning cause we need to get a bus to the airport and also is this the bus stop we need to get it from ( as i mention above the roads were closed where our hotel was so we had to go elsewhere to get it) and we ask as well does it start from 5 am or something?! THe guys says at the start i dont know and the he says yes it start at 5! HAHAHHAH MAN THEY ARE FUNNY!

I go online to the buses to check times OF COURSE they didn’t start from 5am what if we went with his word?! we werent going to make it to the airport for sure!

What i don’t understand is that SUCH A BEAUTIFUL PLACE having the best food, sightseers, culture and history and people be so harse on you, i totally understand if you are tired from work and stuff but at the same time as i am a tourist in your country i would much appreciate it if you be kind enough to give me some directions of what i’m asking you for. And fair enought if i didn’t know where i was going but i did my research and i knew stuff already.

Anyhow is still a beautiful place to visit and i believe they will be more KIND on summer time because they will be more and more tourist there to ask for directions or anything else. GIVE it a go, is nice to visit gozo and comino there a lot of tours you can check online.

SO here’s the end of my post, i hope you guys enjoyed even tho i have been moaning about the people there but basically is not always the people that make a bad holiday. Tell me your stories about been abroad? hope you had better experiences then me. Love to hear from you guys xx

loads of love.


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