Hey guys first of all i would like to say i’m sorry i havent been posting as much again, when you work in hospitality as much as you want to have free time when you are full time, its impossible (: But that wont stop me writing i just wanted to say that i will be posting from 2 post a week to 1 post so i have time for it at least, i actually like this is like an open diary and i like to have opinions from other people, listening or just talking.

Anyhow, Soulmate ey?! Do you believe in soulmates or is just a thing that people just say?! Well i do to be honest , i always believed theres a 1 to 2 people that would actually be your soulmate even from friendship to relationship. And Soulmate does not always mean you have to be exactly the same, it could be even be a little bit more different in terms of character.

My soulmate is my partner which i never thought i would find. You know how people pass through relationships to relationships , i actually didn’t had that many just because i never thought i have that click with that person but is not only about that, is about knowing that you actually feel the aura from that person that gives you more positive vibes instead of bad. Yes there will be sad or angry moments but that’s part of life anyway. The whole point is that you actually can tell that you found the right person to go through this road that we call life. .

And what do i mean with that is getting each other when falling down and not feeling the pain as much as you would before having them. I know as we all know that soulmates are the people that actually inspire us to become BETTER people , it’s like becoming a little bit blind in life but it does have the benefit of giving you and giving them a purpose of enjoying every moment until the end. I don’t know what else can i say about this, how i am feeling about this right now is full of joy knowing that i feel that aura of having the right person in my life.

What is your thought about this i didn’t really search much about soulmates like to find a different definition or if there’s a different myth or whatever but i would like to hear from you guys , do you believe in soulmates? How do you recognize it?

loads of love


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