Hey guys,

How’s everyones week been? Did everyone celebrate the women power?! I know us we women we usually moan mostly about everything but i do believe and i see it everyday we do more then what a man does , and i’m not saying to lower the man power tho. WE as humans in general should be equally good and help each other gain a level of success, not only that but to stop feeling hate or fear from either sex.

Anyhow, today i would like to talk about how people can be rude to the either homeless people or even the ”gypsies” that are trying to sell anything to you to survive. So here what bothers me, i heard the government does help a bit with the homeless not as much of course but at the same time i heard situations that they just don’t actually do anything and leave them with out anything to ”suffer” the consciousness of staying in the street become more addicted in their bad habbits and not be able to live a good and actually reasonable life.

For example i was just chillin right now at the coffee shop while drinking my coffee i saw outside this gypsi woman trying to sell to people fake flowers, of course is not the most practical way for anyone those roses but at the same time if she sells it a pound its not bad to just actually give her the money and not take it, i’m not saying i always buy but at least i’m kind enough if i dont have money to smile and say no thank you my love, its not hard to be human being and just be kind to each other you know.

But what i saw today made me feel so down about it, the lady was trying to sell the flowers so one couple did actually buy so after that she was walking to ask other people, there was this group of guys just standing kinda in a circle and talking and the lady approach them and ask them if they want flowers (and to say here the woman saw one of the guys broke his leg and she was asking what happen to him) anyway, as that happen the guys were just trying to ignore her without looking and talking in their language and just laughing i felt that i was rude when that was happening how can you just be like this. The lady was just trying to make money for her bread to be able to eat, at least just be kind and say no thankyou its not going to hurt you.

And that’s what makes me crazy about humans in general if you do not have money to give or whatever just give a smile back. I do believe we can achieve happiness with just be kind to each other as long as we give a smile to another it makes the other persons day a little bit better.

Homeless people no matter how bad or good they actually fucked up a little bit their life and money they are still human beings and still want to live a good life.


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