Decisions decisions..


PFFFFFF… so we all know we act like we are adults but aren’t HAHA i know right?! So here it goes , i have to decide if ofcourse work officially says the yes that i need to move to another city. The thing is we are opening a new shop in another city again we got loads with my work is not far is like an hr away which that’s alright by me but at the same time i’m overthinking the situation that i’ve done my cycle here i got my people everything blah blah.. But in the of the day i’m supposed to be a person that LOVES travelling which i am but is always temporary that’s why i love in a way i guess.

Although in the city i’m probably going to move i’ve been there all the times mostly every weekend lets say to party or to see my friends and stuff and i know it by heart where to go and what to do so that’s not a problem that i need to make new friends or new life cause is kinda in my life anwyay, is just the effort of changing a different vibe of city that its way better than here kinda and i will definitely enjoy it more but i will probably go for sure and its a 95% of yes and 5% maybe or a no. The think that actually stops be a bit is that i don’t want to leave my partner behind but if he feels like he wants to stay here i will go cause in the end of the day we have to lift each other up is like my last post that i said when you inspire people you need to make them go a level up always and that’s what i want to my partner as well i want him to succeed. But yeah decisions need to made as soon as possible cause life is short if i don’t actually want to move i can still stay here.

I hope that everyone that has a decision to take will do it because they want to do it and not let anyone to take them down because they think they need to stay back. IF you think your future is depending on it and you will do better go for it, i’m not gonna lie and say everything will be fine but we all know that at the start is difficult until you get used to it but that’s okay. I have a friend she wanted to go to do her career in a different city and at the start she was kinda afraid to go away and actually do it which i totally understand i am the same but lets be honest if you dont try and go you will never know if you succeeded or not but she actually seems she it doing it as in finding opportunities and will go for it. And i’m happy to say and believe she will definitely succeed of getting where she needs to be. So people don’t let small decisions make you down and stay back go for it if it meeans a lot to you of getting where you need to be.

Aight aigh i’m done i’ll see you peeps next week with more me talking and you reading but as i said i want you guys to talk to me i would like to listen and if you need anyhelp and i can help i love that. I would like to get better with my writing skills and actually be able to say things in a better way for you guys and help you as well through my own experiences x ❤

Check my insta if you like to contact me as well there as contact details on my page xxx

loads of love


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