Hey heyyyyyy

How’s everyone been? good bad? hope is good and less bad. I know i have said i’ll be writing 2 days a week but it has been reallyy busy with work and other things that i had to do. So i’m deeply sorry that i havent actually wrote for a while to whoever is actually reading my blogs. I was saying on my last blogs that is good to keep a routine but always maintain yourself you know but it is really hard sometimes when you got loads of things in your head and stuff.

However today i would like to talk how can you have an affect to yourself and how INSIPARTION from you affects other peoples lives. What do i mean with that well last few weeks maybe a month ago i was talking with my cousin that last time i’ve seen her was probably like 13 years ago just because i stopped going to my other country that i’m from but didnt stop me from keeping in contact with her. Since day one we started talking with my cousin she always kept me believing that she is strong and she will do her best to show that no matter what. So she works and studies at the same time but she has the ”benefits” of living home, which lets be honest its not bad but is not great either cause of the circumstances she wont be as independent s she needs to be and that’s what brings me to inspiration.

She was telling me that she felt quite down of something that personally happen to her which its medical but not as but as you think it was a bit bad but it shouldnt actually affected her as a person that much, but that actually brought her mentally really down to loose her motivation of her goal in life to be able to be her and that made me sad that i heard that from her she always seemed really strong and powerful person to me especially for family, friends and life. So i actually i wasn’t prepared lets say how to make her feel better cause in life when something gets you down its always nice to have someone to support you and i’m always good with words of making people feel better hence why i started this blog mainly. But because is my cousin and all the problems she had when she was younger was mostly similar to mine and we kinda got it though together but this one was a bit different it was kinda about image lets say. Soo, i just dont think what people would say or dont care about it and stuff but that didn’t actually work cause people always talk no matter what and always make you feel sad about it.

No matter what tho what i realized is she lost her motivation of been strong , and i told her the cousin i know and i kinda grow up with even tho from miles away its not the same cousin i knew in a way to make her understand that she got down but she CAN get up again she’s the person i look up for from that side of my family she’s the person that is strong and will do good in her life no matter what. But that didn’t affect her only it affect me and actually inspired both sides because her motivation is more strong then mine and that affects me that she wants to do good in her life so i do good in my life.

Which thats where i don’t want to let her down cause looks up on me and i look up on her so we both need each others motivation and inspiration of aura cause that’s how you actually make difference of making peoples life better. Making people gain their motivation of their goals you know. And that’s where i come in this i loose my inspiration most of the times and that’s because of one days problem that just stays there forever but as sooon as you realize it should just be one minute and that’s it you will make it better what you believe you can achieve you will.

In conclusion life should be all about inspiring one and other for the better we shouldnt let the other people down is all about moving up a level at the time.

SO peep that’s all i wanted to say today i know its not the most inspiring thing that i said because if you go online you will find loaaads of other good participation talks that makes people believe which i do recommend you search but at the same time i’m just telling you a personal experience of how you can make people believe.

i’ll see you peep in few days who ever wants to talk to me just email me on the contact details and i’ll reply or just go on my instragram @psychothinker081 and chat to me. i’m here to listen —->

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