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Hello there guys,

I’m really sorry i havent been writing for a while, i have had a lot of work after new year and i was trying to save some money for my holidays.

Work is as always tiring but lovely, the days before i was to go to my holidays i was trying to get all my duties i had on time so after i come back i didnt had to. Unfortunately i didn’t manage to do all of them where then i hoped that the other 2 colleagues would finish the jobs, but of course they didn’t they were too busy doing nothing. I’m not saying this as a bad thing but in a work environment you will get the people that will do everything or the people that are lazy.

Any how i came back all the hard work i’ve done was worse then when i left it. Work doesnt always appreciate what you do for them even tho you do get paid to do it, its a place you work you have to keep it clean ya know, you have to be able to work in a environment that is clean and tidy. Obviously it always depends of what kind of work you do i guess, but as a hospitality person it should be better.

Enough with work tho i would like to talk about my trip. I went again for 5 days in Amsterdam where mostly everything is legal, i havent done the crazy stuff as everyone else does but i realized when something is legal you dont want it as much as you think you do, i mean i still smoke sometimes but i only smoke it to go to sleep or to just relax on a day off or something but there is an environment of working on it, its nice the fact that it motivates them to do that but i don’t think i would be able to even to that. I got really impress with how everything works and is, the system is nice but everyone is so i’m not even sure if that’s the word i want to use for this, like kind to you but stabbing you on the back after you leave, i feel majority of them is a bit more fake then you think about even tho they have a good system, free spirit lets say it and do whatever they like but its just mostly for the tourist i guess.

However, its only this that i find negative for Amsterdam, the rest of it was great. I went with my childhood best friend which it’s always a kinda last minute decision with us we decide few places and then just book it, i love the fact that we do that to be honest. She’s a photographer not a professional its more like a hobby but she’s actually really good at it, i will leave a link on the bottom if you like to check her work out.

Anyway, i think from all the trip the most impressive place we went was Anne Franks house which that was really breath taking for how many people had to live in such a small space and hide all day and night and not to  been seen it was quite scary i could say i don’t think i would want to be in that situation and i feel bless that i never had to go through this in my entire life. This i could say was the best trip ever i didn’t see a lot of historic places or museums mostly i it was Anne franks house , and the Zaanse Schans amazing little village , really really cold to be honest but beautiful, calming  and peaceful not with the tourist around of course but the fact of living in that place next to the water all green around is nice.

I dont think i regret any moment of my trip with my best friend , we are a bit different but i like that we are not too different we have different mind sets in some ways but its just the way we grown i guess.

Hey i know its nothing special this post but i just wanted to say how i was the last couple days as i hope you guys will text me and tell me how you are doing. I hope everything is fine and if its not there’s always a solution about anything, dont let it distract you. 

p.s. here’s her instagram

loads of love guys



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