Foggy moon..

Hey guys,

Sorry guys i havent wrote for a week i did work loads and i didnt really had time to finish my post, i hope you all understand xx

And how everyones christmas went ?! was it nice, if yes im glad it was, if not dont take it personally days like this will pass straight away there’s nothing stopping to have a good day the very next day. Again tho dont worry Lets all hope and pray that 2019 will be better for all of us.

I’m not gonna start with the new year new me, is all bullshit either you start becoming a new person from any time of the year or you just dont, that’s how it goes. Main reason i wrote that title is that obviously holiday season is always family time season, which i get everyone wants to spend time with their family as  i like spending time with my family as well until i came here but it doesnt necessary mean i need to spend it with them everytime. I feel like people dont understand the part of enjoying the company of their loneliness, they all get depress and and feeling lonely and low and it goes on and on..but

Today i’m here to make you understand what means to be ‘lonely in your own comfort zone’. And here it goes for example, i’m the type of person that socializes a lot with people i like having people around but at the same time when is me time is just me time, i dont care if i go to the coffee shop sit down have a coffee by myself or to the bar or wherever you can think of.  What do i mean with that is i like to enjoy my time as long as i want too what i mean by that is the example that i gave for the coffee i like to go to the coffee shop order my coffee either get a book or listen to music or even either of those just chill but sit at the coffee shop as long as i feel like (obviously before it closes haha) but i can stay from 1hr to 4hrs, i might be by myself but i dont have to socialize i like just chillin even when they are people around.

Another example is when you are home and you dont feel like seen people that’s even better you can be productive in your house or just be lazy and chill, anything you want to do you can do it.  The main thing if you dont have to or cant for any reason to socialize with people sometimes as in like some of your friends are really busy or you are away from home, its okay to enjoy your time by yourself.

In conclusion every time you feel lonely cause you think you feel lonely dont, you got YOU. You is what makes you wake up everyday and be who you are, YOU is the person that has the chance of living and enjoy life, enjoy your alone time to be depress, we humans have to socialize but we need our time as well (:

Well i hope you all have a good new year, spending it the way you like it and enjoy everyminute , loads of love



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