fading into routine..

GREETINGS MY FELLOW FRIENDS , (sorry i know sound weird i just dont know what’s the right greeting for me)

How are you guys been ? as i said on my last post i will be posting 2 times a week. So here i am again, ready to tell you my thoughts. As you can see the title is “fading into  routine” which lets be honest who doesnt?!

The thing is i always say to myself dont get caught to the routine, you can do anything you want no matter how tired you are from work, or school  or anything else. Im the type of person that likes to be organized and keep everything in order at least the way i live but for example my plans this Christmas didnt go exactly the way i planned..:

  1. I’m not going home for christmas
  2. i only have 3 days off from work so that means i cant really go home and
  3. last one because i dont really mind spending christmas where i am

Although i dont have a lot of friends that are here at the moment only few but that doesnt matter much, anyway as i was saying Christmaaaaaaas...(the most wonderful time OF THE YEAAAR “wing wing”) i managed this year to get all the presents i wanted to be prepared  for as in wrapping them putting them under the tree, which obviously not everyone is on time with gifts and getting prepared (Lets be honest we all buy presents the last minute) but this days i have been working soo much that  i got to that point of finishing work and going home to sleep straight away and this has been going for few months obviously but this days is more intense  cause is christmas,  of serving and making other people happy which P.S. i love doing this job, but thats not the problem the thing is that people even on christmas time can be more cruel then ever because is christmas they expect EVERYTHING TO BE PERFECT! But that doesnt work like that it should be more about us what i mean is like they should be more patient with us serving them because you know this time of the year its going to be super busy and we all know it so you have to be understanding and be more loving. Because I as an just a simple employee that works in a coffee shop i spend my days and my time doing what i like and giving you what you want but with you not be patient doesnt help anything it makes everything worse .AND THEN i realized i wasted so much energy and time instead of focusing to keep my self in balance and active after work, i always surround my self with work everything has to be based on work. It shouldnt be like that, i should literally be focus on me see what i want to do. Do the things i like or organize myself with what i want, i keep letting myself down on things i wanted to start or i just started half way through cause i kept focusing on one thing instead of multiple things and keeping balance. That’s why it makes me wonder sometimes why do i get caught up so fast in my routine?! and the answer is i keep letting myself getting tired and down mentally but not in a depress way, in a way of shutting ur brain after a long day and just blacking out which that leaves us in conclusion not wanting to do anything after work or school etc.

But no fear my fellow friends all we gotta do is focus on us  and yes i know you will say its hard sometimes to focus on YOU it makes total sense i understand but your reality is worth trying for YOU, i know there are people that actually do focus on their selfs after work and i admire that so much , i admire the strength  that they have and still believe in their selfs and not  actually  been caught into their routine which is the main thing in our life these days. For us tho the ones that always keep getting to the routine that dont want to , always write a note to yourself to keep it balance and not let yourself down.


Thankyou guys for listening and hearing my thoughts if some of you can relate i hope you will be able to realize that the routine is not the important part of our life, is US.

P.S.  last thing i have to say one of the main reason i decided to start the blog is about expressing myself to you guys and knowing there are people that still read and listen or want to be listened in this stream of life. And finally be able to get out of my own routine, cause my routine has got me home work home. I would like to improve myself as i hope you guys do as well (:

loads of love


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