Sooooo.. Hello there my fellow friends,

I started blogging on 2013 but then i stopped cause i realized how baaaad i was at writing. But recently i was having this deep conversation with my friend about life and how we can save  our selfs as in not getting down and always keep it together and obviously try to achieve our goals. So during our conversation she turns and says to me why not start a blog to share with people my advice and try to help them….for a minute i thought about it and i said naah you joking, then i thought about it a bit more and said you know what ?!WHY NOT i’ll give a try! I have seen the way i do influence people with what i say or with what i do, what i always say to them is “You don’t always have to listen to me but an extra opinion wont hurt, in the end of the day you will choose what you truly want no matter what.”

So for today i just wanted to introduce myself to you guys and let you know even tho we do not know each other i am here to at least advice you with my experience to not keep your self down. Cause as one person said which im actually not sure who said “The moon is a reminder no matter what phase you are in, you are still whole.”

Wanted to say i’ll be posting every 2 weeks not sure which days yet but i will let you know. This was just an introduction of what am i going to talk about mostly.

Thankyou guys for listening, i’m here to listen mostly but advice as well.


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